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Using Learn Ruby On Rails by Daniel Kehoe

One reason for jump starting this blog and my desire to learn ruby on rails is because I came across Daniel Kehoe’s kickstarter for his book Learn Ruby On Rails. It looked like it would be worth it so I kicked in a few bucks and got the pdf version of the book. That’s what I’ll be using moving forward. My hope is that his approach sinks in with me and I can apply it to my personal project.

You can learn more about the book and Daniel at this website.

Making Sense of it All

Not sure why, but it’s starting to make some amount of sense for me. I back tracked and am back on page 57. I’m tracking the MVC and how users of the demo_app are being handled. Not sure if this is because I’m thinking clearly or that I’ve looked enough code to understand what is happening or what. I’m guessing that is the case.

So here’s to repetition, reading, rereading, absorbing, typing, analyzing, and eventually, understanding.

Lets do this thing!

Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial

I was talking to a contact of mine the other night. He actually is part of a Rails shop here in Madison, WI, and teaches Rails at local college. He let me know that Michael Hartl will be coming to our local RailsConf in August to do a beginner track to Rails development. He also told me that he’d be using Michael’s book to teach his Rails class this semester. The book is online for free. You can find Michael’s site and online book here: Since I enjoy books that will help me AND support the cause, I ran out and actually picked up the dead tree version.

It will help that it’s current and is tutorial in nature. This is a plus for me. Though I think The Rails 3 Way by Obie Fernandez is probably a great book, I’m sure he’d agree that I start with Michael’s RoR 3 Tutorial first.

The fact that it starts out with setting up Rails is good. That’s usually the schema, right? This book will actually go into setting up git, which is great. It really starts fundamentally but gets you into ‘ok, you’re going to become a developer so why don’t we make this happen the right way’ approach. He even mentions a few text editors that may help you code.

So my next step is to ensure that I not only have Rails set up, but that it is current to match the book’s first steps. Then it’s time to set up git.

Ruby on Rails-Newbs First Post

I have a personal blog over at There I talk about whatever comes to mind. I started diving into Ruby on Rails and creating posts as I went along. I found that the Tales with Rails theme had a catchy ring to it so I thought that I’d dedicate a site to help other newb’s (pronounced newbie, or noob) by outlining my steps as I learned this cool programming language.

It can be tough to learn new things, and programming languages are not easy. Don’t let the veterans fool you, they just got started earlier, may be smarter (smarter than me :-P), but they had to start somewhere too. I hope they can chime in on occasion and set me straight. I’m down with that.

If you want to know more about who I am, check out my about page. I do hope you enjoy the info. Believe it or not, much of this is for my own personal reference. Not only to go back and reference my key strokes but I also think it will help me retain things as I type them via this blog.